Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Rumors, and Features


With Samsung’s abysmal year, with a sub-par flagship device and all the issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 battery faults and failing to make it right even in the recall. They really need to pull something special out of the bag this time around with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here are the current rumors, specs and features surround the Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept render
Samsung Galaxy S8 concept render by

Supposedly launching in April, the Galaxy S8 rumor mill has already started pumping out a range of wild and crazy expectations and predictions, and here at Jucktion, we have whittled them down to the best, most plausible, rumors in our opinion.

Samsung is known for creating amazing vibrant displays that put the rest of the flagship world to shame, and the latest generation is set to live up to that statement. Two main rumors are floating around currently, regarding the screen, and they both seem plausible. One source claims that they screen with be 1440p (With a mighty 515 Pixels Per Inch), while the other claims that Samsung may really go all out and include a jaw-dropping 4k display. Personally, I think that 4k display is actually quite likely, especially because of what happened with the Note 7. Samsung is hoping to put 2016 firmly in their rear view mirror, creating a product that truly makes up for the last one.

To the dismay of many fans, Samsung is not bringing back removable batteries, which was once a feature that Android fans always boasted against Apple fanboys. While the battery sadly won’t be removable, a rumor tells that it is their fastest charging battery to-date, which kind of makes up for it to be honest.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chip is undoubtedly the fastest on the market currently, which when paired with a Nvidia-based GPU can crush latest 3D intensive games. Combined with the possible inclusion of a 4k display like we mentioned earlier, makes this a great gaming/ media consumption device.

Some people are expecting Samsung to completely re-design the device, putting an end to the current, boring designs that many fans were saddened to see still on the S7. Their new model will most likely look a lot more modern, featuring a practically bezel-less frame that will be holding the wonderful display. Someone created a neat render of what they think the S8 might look like, which is fascinating.

Other possible upgrades that will undoubtedly make the Samsung a hit and set it apart from the crowd is the inclusion of 265gb of storage as standard, which is an impressive 8 times more than Apple’s iPhone 7s. The device is also set to feature an impressive 6gb of ram that will make browsing and other intensive tasks a breeze and the USB Type-C that is said to be included helps to future-proof the device.

As April draws closer and closer, more and more rumors are coming out, and we actually see a lot of reliable information, which should make for a great device if they are right. What are you most excited to see from the latest Samsung model? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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