Detach apps from Play Store by cloning them

Detach App from Playstore

App Cloner is an app that is capable of cloning Apps on Android Devices. With these clones, you can have additional installations of same application under a different name, icon and also permissions. While cloning, App Cloner also creates a new signature for the application. The new app signing process detaches it from Play Store. The free version is enough to let you clone and detach app from play store. Some apps cannot be cloned because they have multiple app verification processes to strengthen security and privacy.

To get started, download the App Cloner from the Play Store. Open up the app and then find the app you want to detach from play store.

We will use the Brave browser as an example in this post.

1.Once you choose to clone the app, you can choose to change the name of the clone, its icon follow the process step by step

2. After you configure the settings for the build process, App Cloner will clone and sign the app with a different signature.

Detach App from Playstore

3. Once cloning is complete, it will ask you to install the cloned application.
Brave App Cloned

4. Install the cloned app and open it up to check everything is working properly

5. Once you’ve confirmed, everything is working properly, you can continue to uninstall the original app from the Play Store.

You can now use the app detached from the Play Store which won’t bother you to update it. If you are on latest Android, you can go into the apps info window and on “App Details” you’ll find it mentions “App installed from Package installer“. This means it is not linked to Google Play Store.

Detach App from Playstore

The app will still perform and behave like the original app. In our example, we cloned Brave browser as Braver and it was still detected by another app (lynket) as a Brave browser. This means you are only detaching the app from the Play Store without any loss of functionality.

Detach App from Playstore

The ability to detach apps from Play store is a default requirement for cloning apps. And App Cloner is one of the best tools for the purpose. The Premium version lets you change Display Options, permissions, privacy locks, change Android ID, hide IMEI, spoof location, remove widgets, and force auto start on boot. You can even change version code/name/minimum required SDK for the App. There’s so much you can configure which might make the cloned app unusable if the original app has checks to prevent them. But only the most popular apps will have such security built into the app.

Have fun cloning apps to detach them from the play store


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