GravityLight : Ingenious Gravity powered Light Lamp

gravity light working

Designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves over the last four years have developed an ingenious idea and device that can generate light or charge batteries with the power of Gravity. This doesn’t include any batteries or need any source of light so is perfect for under developed areas where kerosene lamps or candles are the only source of light in the darkness.

gravity light

The device works as a weight is suspended by the device and gravity pulls the weight downwards. While the gravity is pulling the weight towards the ground, livers and gears inside are activated to create light for 30 minutes. And when the weight has finally reached the ground, you can restart the process by moving the weight upward.

gravity light working

Creators of Gravity Light
Creators of Gravity Light

The Guardian reports “The light strength can be adjusted, from strong task lighting to a longer-lasting low-level glow, and two terminals on the front allow it to be used as a generator so it can recharge other devices including radios and batteries.”

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Projects and ideas like these can serve a great purpose for the poor and increasing their savings for food and other requirements. Move away from kerosene should also be taken as a move towards eco friendly environment. We hope to see more of this everywhere there is need of light.


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