Guide to Solar Eclipses (Infographic)


On November 13th this year, there will be a total solar eclipse where the new moon will block the sun totally or partially on different location on its path. These event is as amazing as it is dangerous to the eyes of any living being, so never attempt to directly look at a eclipse unaided. Things like a floppy disc and CD’s are not good enough to stop the bad effects of the solar eclipse. This year Australia is going to be the best place to view the Solar Eclipse. have created an info-graphic on “The Mechanism of Eclipses of The Sun” demonstrating the types and paths of eclipse. We’ve included the following infographics below:


Map of the total solar eclipse taking place on Nov. 13, 2012 Credit: Michael Zeller/
This graphic describes how moon phases work. Credit: Michael Zeller/
This map shows the past and future eclipses in Saros Eclipse Cycle 133. The cycle is a period of about 18 years which can be used to predict solar and lunar eclipses. Credit: Michael Zeller/
The next solar eclipse passes over Africa on November 3, 2013. Credit: Michael Zeller/

View the complete infographics including brief information about the path of the November 13th Solar Eclipse at