Google Assistant World Cup special queries for schedules, stats, and news


Google Assistant makes it really easy to do simple things, from setting up reminders, to taking notes, getting trivia, jokes and staying up to date with the latest events. The World Cup is one of the huge event currently underway in Russia. Though it’s been a few days I’v used it from the first day to keep up with every game and statistics. Here are some of the voice commands you can try out for yourself. Google assistant world cup special queries give answers with voice feedback rather than list of results from the google search.

So here we go:

2018 World Cup (matches)

This keyword “world cup games today” provides an tabbed layout result which turns into a full screen display for matches, news, results, standings, and player stats. It also shows the brackets layout for the knockout stages. Which obviously aren’t filled yet but soon will be.

Alternative keywords like “2018 world cup“, “world cup 2018” put other apps at the beginning of the tabled layout from google. So we picked the one that listed the tabbed layout as the first result.

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 roaster

This gives an in depth overview of the from the games that are completed and is continuously updated.

the world cup schedule

The request turns up today’s games schedule in your local time. It will list the group the teams are playing in, the match number and local time. You can tap on match preview to get more news about the said match.

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 Schedule

knockouts time schedule

Can’t make time for the group stages of the World Cup, and want to know when the knock out stages are happening. Google Assistant will let you know the date and times of these games as well.

Try searching “When will the semifinals begin for the World Cup“.

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 Knockouts Schedule

Group Standings

Get a tabled display of all the wins, loses, and points from any group you want. Just replace the letter of the group to see results for different group.

Alternately you can search “Brazil group standing World cup” to know Brazil’s current standing in it’s group. You will not have to know the group it is in this way.

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 Group Standings

Teams Last Game

If you want to know the results for the last game a country played, you can also easily search that with “Country + World Cup” search. This will give you the result of the last match they played.

Brazil World Cup returns the following result

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 Team's Last Result

Highest scorer

Find the current highest scorer for World cup for the matches they have completed. Try searching for “highest scorer for the current world cup“. The “Players” tab on the first query we used on the article will give more details on the scores and assists as well.

Google Assistant World Cup 2018 Highest Scorer


So, these are some of the queries you can use in Google Assistant without the need for a third party app. If you have any google assistant world cup special query you can use to find important data on the World Cup games, do let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the Games!


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