Find alternatives to your current apps, software, services

alternative to digital services

We are always trying to get better at something. Better apps, software, services have become part of our lives that help us perform tasks easier, better and with less effort. There are numerous alternatives to everyday apps we use. New choices pop up eventually from startups when an app fails to meet requirements of the crowd. They can be commercial, freemium, free or open source license.

Dropbox alternative

Alternativeto is a database of community chosent alternatives for thousands of applications with filters to find you the best alternative. You can most popular apps for a platform from operating system to browsers like Firefox and Chrome. You can sort through the list with license and operating system platform. The community contributes with ratings, comments to allow visitors to consider the best alternative. As a user you can add, comment, review and add applications to the database.

As you use many apps day to day, you should make it a habit to check for alternatives regularly. You might get a better alternative to your current app or service. Why would you check for alternatives?

Alternatives may:

  • do the task better
  • use less resource
  • have better privacy
  • have transparent code (open source)

I usually do these regularly to check apps and software I use. Often my goal is to get a better choice with free or open source alternative. It is up to you to choose the alternative that suits you. Free alternatives aren’t always the answer.

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