Use many different passwords? Use Password managers


Passwords are a complicated thing, the more you have you are more secure in a sense if one of them gets compromised, other accounts with different passwords are still safe. However, the more password you have, it is more complicated for you to remember all of them. As you can forget what you have used on a specific site and you can mix them up. Moreover, as sites increasingly ask you to use complicated passwords, remembering all of them is not an easy task. The invent of 2-factor authentication allows for some security besides password, but it is an alternative which still requires a password.

password managers

If you are in such a scenario, then having a password manager becomes quite handy. You are not obliged to remember every password you use on every site every day. As many of the password managers operate locally, you are not prone to internet attacks. Open source password manager Keepass is one that has been peer reviewed to have one of the most secure mechanisms for securing passwords. It allows password organisation through groups, multi-user support and there are many port and plugins to run it in many different OS. It also can import passwords from other similar password managers and export to popular file formats like HTML, txt, CSV.

Keepass is mostly made to run locally without any internet or cloud backup for your password. So the only way to get to your vault is through physical access and your master password. If you want to sync your password to sync through the cloud, there are ports and application that allow them. However, as they are third party applications, they may be limited to specific OS or devices.
There are many cloud and sync based passwords managers that claim to be impenetrable able. However, as your passwords may be vital for you, it is up to you to choose what’s best for you. Some of the alternatives like Enpass offer encryption and compression on a local disk which is then uploaded to the cloud. As they are encrypted with complex encryption techniques, there is a less chance of them getting compromised.

An additional benefit of these password managers is they allow you to generate complex passwords with ease. Moreover, as they are easily saved in the database, you do not need to remember them every time you access the site. They offer browser extensions and plugins that provide to secure log into the sites you care about. All that without having to know what your password is. While this may sound stupid way to lose your password. It happens if you forget your master password to the password manager, or they stop working. It is a tradeoff between remembering easy passwords.

What we are recommending is, if you use multiple passwords on different sites. It is best to use a password manager to manage the passwords for you. Keepass is completely free and open source while Enpass is available full featured on the desktop. They are not a business based applications anymore, and everyone should be using them to secure their passwords and credentials better.

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