Facebook will now load faster thanks to new Facebook cache server in Nepal

Nepal Telecom facebook cache server

On the latest development in Nepal Telecoms infrastructure, NT has launched a facebook cache server in Nepal so that the contents are loaded much faster across the NT network. This may also decrease latency on other networks as the time taken to gather data across borders is reduced. The initiative may be an attempt to counter  NCells much advertised free text version of Facebook on their network. NCells promotion has been going on for a few months now but being unable to view images, and chat gets boring pretty quick. Moreover, net-neutrality is not a topic around here yet.

Nepal Telecom facebook cache server

A cache server is a redundant backup server that duplicates the content and reduces latency to the end users. The cache server helps reduce latency with much faster download and upload speeds. Facebook already has a massive server farm which was fast, but that is going to help make image/videos and request to process at much better speed to improve the user experience.

Facebook has quite a reputation for using exploitative schemes to get their services across. Not long ago, facebook was blocked from their project to make facebook free on the Indian Telecom network. It received much criticism and ultimately drowned, but it seems to have taken a hold in Nepal. With facebook (text version) being free, no one has yet to claim uneven marketing tactics. Moreover, I doubt anyone contests being able to use facebook freely.

However, we are not happy with the unfair treatment of data over networks. Let’s hope net neutrality becomes a concern shortly or we would be only viewing facebook all day without doing anything productive. Until then, enjoy faster facebook, thanks to Nepal Telecom.

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