Eyeguard extension for Firefox to prevent eye strain

Facebook in Night Mode

Eyeguard extension is something I found recently while I wanted to find a better replacement for a night mode switcher on my Firefox. Previously, I was usin Blank Your Monitor  to prevent eye strain because I have very dry eyes. Blank Your Monitor needed me to manually click the addon icon to enable the night mode. It had a good set of options from color options, and easy read feature. But I often forget to enable it until late into the night.

Facebook in Night Mode to prevent eye strain

Eyeguard is a simple extension which fixes that by automatically switching to a night mode which you can set yourself. The simple addon also has a perfect set of colors for the night mode which won’t stress your eyes. It doesn’t have as much options to control rather than the time to automatically set the night mode and the darkness color you want. But I think the default color is calm and you shouldn’t have to mess with it.

Eyeguard settings

Another feature of the extesion is that it adds a dim overlay over the images so they aren’t as bright. But once you hover over the images you can see them in bright colors again. This helps when you are browsing facebook and only want to look through the images you want and skip through the images you don’t.

The simplicity of this extension it’s ability to be set and forget. Once you  install and enable the app, you can set up the time duration you want the night mode to run. You may also set the colors but I would recommend checking out the default colors before you want to change them. Once done with that, you can hide the icon to menu. And it’ll help you save strain on your eyes every night.

I’ve been using this for over a week and it has always worked on time and I’m almost always thankful that it did. I would have probably forgotten to turn it on myself. I see quite a bit of high CPU usage while it’s on for me but it isn’t high for what it offers. Here’s me recommending it to you to prevent eye strain for yourself.

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