Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 – Path and Times


This May 20 should be a treat for all the sky gazers with the Annular Solar Eclipse on the date. “Annular” comes from the Latin word annulus (ring) and refers to the fact that a ring of sun shines all around the moon. This one will be best observed from the narrow band on Earth’s surface where the shadow of the moon falls throughout Asia, the Pacific region and parts of North America.

The following image from NASA shows the path of the eclipse and to where the eclipse will be visible.

annular solar eclipse may 20 2012

And here are the times predicted by for the beginning of the  eclipse to the end of the eclipse across multiple locations and zones.

May 20 Solar Eclipse Time predictions
CREDIT: Geoff Gaherty/Starry Night Software/

Although Solar Eclipse can be a treat to watch, you have to take precautions to be safe from the harmful rays of Solar eclipse. Avoid viewing the eclipse directly with an open eye without any known protection and use of sun glasses, floppy drive disks or compact disks and must be avoided. The best way to view a solar eclipse is with an indirect projection of the eclipse on water or projected on a paper.

I hope you’ve set up your alarm or schedule for the day as i have, so prepare with care if you’re planning to view it with your family and friends.


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