Welcome to the Jucktion

welcome to the jucktion

Welcome to the Jucktion,

The Jucktion was created to create a junction for people to share and have fun with all the different topics. We have gone through some lows and also some highs since we have started the journey since 2010. We’ve lost databases, loss of files and lots of other stuffs some with our own mistakes while some were not use. But we’re back again strong and we hope it will stay the same or get better. We will however continue to maintain and organize the site as much as possible.

We currently have three different section on our site, the main site, The Discussion Forum and The Jucktion Tech Blog. I generally keep active on the Forum and the tech blog so the main site seems to have nothing as of now. We’ve stopped the shop section since it was causing some high memory usage which caused many internal server issues. We hope to get it back soon when it will feel right.

We don’t currently have a lot of visitors to our site or active members on our forums but we hope it will definitely change in the future. Our revenue at this time are Adsense ads that you see everywhere. But if you’d like to advertise on your site we will be glad to talk and figure out a deal we both will like. The Jucktion will be working hard to get more visitors with great and unique content to make that possible.

The Jucktion is currently a one man Team so it will love to have some new team members  to help out and friends to comment and suggest features and stuff. So if you’re interested please contact us through the Contact form. Any queries, complaints and suggestions are welcome. :)

The Jucktion

welcome to the jucktion

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