Waiting almost a year to get Minecraft for Free on Android

Screenshot showing Minecraft purchased and available for install

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among children and teenagers. It costs $6.99 on mobile platforms, which doesn’t seem much in a developed world. But across the world, many do not have access to credit cards and payment methods to buy a game online. While there are similar alternative games for free, Minecraft offers more features, items and tools for an unique creative experience. The game brings out a creative side of a child to build his own imaginative world. You can win a playstore gift card, user google rewards or get it gifted to you, but everyone isn’t going to be so lucky and rewards schemes do not work everywhere. So, maybe this is for those unlucky people like us.

Amazon Appstore is an alternative Android app store that offers Amazon coins daily for visiting the App Store. You can use the coins to buy apps or in-app items in games and applications. You get coins of value 2 or 3, sometimes alternating, sometimes not. And sometimes, very rarely, you may lose some coins as well. Redeeming the coin just takes a few seconds as it is shown right on the front page so you don’t have to navigate anywhere. The coins don’t expire as far as I have heard. You have 24 hours to claim it so you can take out a minute from everything else to do this.

Screenshot explaining Amazon Coins on Amazon appstore on Android

Purchasing Minecraft for free with Amazon coins

So if you have the patience to wait a long while before getting the game, they you might give it a go. If you don’t have any other alternative, this

might be the best way to get the genuine Minecraft game for playing.

The thing about Amazon is that you need extra coins to pay for the tax as well. Minecraft costs $6.99 on all platforms. Amazon lists Minecraft as $6.99 or 699 coins. But once you get the 699 coins and attempt to buy it, you’ll notice you need 757 coins. So you need to wait a bit more days. Once you buy it on Amazon Appstore, you need the Amazon Appstore installed on your phone to play Minecraft for purchase verification.

Price of Minecraft with Free Amazon coins

The Pros:

  • The best part is, it is completely genuine and free to keep forever with lifetime updates. If you have multiple children in your family, they can play in the multiplayer mode and play online with friends.
  • Takes less than a minute a day to perform task daily.
  • Amazon Coins don’t expire. Even if you miss a few days or weeks, you can always get back on schedule.
  • Required Android version is 4.2. Even old phones and tablets work pretty well. The loading times can be slow but once the game world loaded, it was fluid.
  • No need to pirate apps with spyware/malware.



I wanted to buy Minecraft for my nephew. He loved playing with LEGO when he was a child and had been playing with free minecraft-like alternatives from the Google Play Store. And Amazon coins was my ticket to buying Minecraft for free without spending any money as I was not interested in playing it myself. Getting Amazon coins was a task for a minute a day, that didn’t seem too bad, we spend more time wasting on social media. I put up a notification to notify me to check and redeem the Amazon coins every day and a year later, got the Minecraft for free. And my nephew has been ecstatic ever since.

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