The Walking Dead Season 1 game for Steam is free right now

the walking dead season 1 humble bundle giveaway

Humblebundle is giving away The Walking Dead Season 1 game for Steam compatible on Windows and Mac. This giveaway contains 5 episodes of the season 1 of the game. And you just need your email and a steam account to get the game. No credit cards or subscription required. Once you purchase the game for free, you will be able to redeem the game on steam through the automated redeem button on the downloads page.

The game is based on the comics rather than the TV serial which has gotten stale over the last couple of seasons. And Telltale has done a great job of making the game take shape as you make your decisions throughout the game. You will have a lot of thinking to do once the dead and the living start getting to your head.

the walking dead season 1 game humble bundle giveaway


  1. Create an account or login if you already have a humblebundle account
  2. Connect your steam account in HumbleBundle settings.
  3. Visit the The Walking Dead Season 1 Giveaway page
  4. Add the game to your cart.
  5. Checkout which will add the game to your account
  6. Visit the download page provided on the email confirmation.
  7. Redeem the game on Steam

Redeeming game on HumbleBundle to Steam

And that’s it, the game will appear on your Steam Game library and you will be able to enjoy the game anytime you want. Be sure to check out other games on HumbleBundle if you like the giveaway. They always have great deals on games and they also use the profits for charity. Enjoy!

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