3 YouTube channels to watch Movie Bloopers and Plotholes

movie bloopers plotholes on youtube

We all watch movies, we like or dislike them. But some of don’t watch movies so closely to find out every mistakes and plotholes. This is something for people who watch movies with a lot of interest and concentration. Fortunately with YouTube there are many channels that offer you to take a look at movies with all the failures, mistakes and bloopers you might have missed. These can even make you wonder why you liked the movie in the first place.


The first one is HISHE or (How It Should Have Ended). The channel uses animation to show some of the movie bloopers and also add in their own twists and takes the the video to a different direction adding in jokes and different characters. They are a blast to watch and equally hilarious.



CinemaSins has a section for “Everything wrong with (Movie)”, where they evaluate the whole movie and find out different plotholes and logical mistakes that we often overlook. Yea, we find some but not like these guys do. However the movies that they make videos of are pretty old and you might already have forgotten them. But they are still great to watch.

Screen Junkies

Another channel that creates similar videos are Screen Junkies. But they focus on the trailers of the movies rather than the actual movie. Their section called “Honest Trailers” makes honest comments about the logics of the trailer,characters and the overview of the trailer. So you’ll know what they honestly cooked up to make the movie creators think they missed.