Apps Gone Free – New Section at the Forum


So the most of the world has gone mobile in the recent years. There are so many things you can do with a Smartphone that it’s more than essential for some people. The sheer power of the latest smartphones also has grown to big extent with octa-core processors to 64 bit compatible smartphones.

So keeping this in mind we have tried to make our site as mobile friendly as possible with responsive theme throughout our forum and tech section. We hope you’re enjoying your stay at our site as much as we’ve been optimizing it. If you have any queries we’re happy to hear them.

Amazon Ultimate Game Apps for Android Giveaway

So let’s get to the point. App developers and App development companies sometimes offer their Apps to be downloaded for free for special occasions, for reviews or to get more downloads to their apps. And they are great news for smartphone users as we get to check out apps for free. And while doing that we can keep the ones we like and leave out the others and sometimes as with Apple Appstore and Amazon Appstore we can just add them to our current account to check them out later.

We’ve started posting Android and iPhone/iPad apps gone free for a limited time in our “Apps Gone Free” section of our forum. So if you either have and Android device or an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) we would like you to check them as we’ll be posting some great apps that are free for a limited time. Amazon has some great apps giveaways from time to time.



Hope you like our new addition to our forums and will enjoy the apps we share there. if you have any comments about this please let us know in the comments.

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