Get Voila AI to work in Mobile Firefox for Android.


Voilà is the all-in-one AI assistant browser extension that helps users transform their digital workspace. With the inclusion of OpenAI’s latest large language model GPT-4, Voilà offers users help from crafting high-quality content and refining writing skills to conducting in-depth research across the web. Voilà seamlessly integrates with popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari to elevate your content creation game. But it isn’t available for mobile platforms, but we used it in Firefox browser on Android devices. You can do it too.

Users like Voila for its remarkable versatility, enabling professionals to launch engaging ad campaigns, develop SEO-optimized content, draft compelling social media posts, and even write effective resumes. It’s not just for marketers — Voilà caters to a wide range of professional needs, including product descriptions, video scripts, recruiting emails, and market research reports.

It can effortlessly turn web pages into valuable content, summarize information, and translate text in a snap. Its library of expert prompts provides battle-tested templates to tackle any writing task. Voilà promises to keep your data private with a commitment to GDPR compliance and CCPA readiness.

Here are the steps to use it on your Firefox Mobile:

Step 1. Download Firefox Beta for your phone

Step 2. Enable Debug Mode by going to about section and tapping the Firefox Logo 5 times

Step 3. Add a custom addon collection to Firefox with the Voila AI addon

Step 4. Add Stylus addon to change the style to fix its width

Step 5. Add the “Voila Fix” user-style to Stylus

Video Demonstration

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