Track Sajha Bus Route through an Android app

track sajha bus route location

Sajha bus is one of the most trusted and reliable bus service in Nepal. And thanks to developer Ramlaxman Rimal, travelers in Kathmandu valley can track the location of every Sajha bus. The Android app is named “Mero Sajha” and it helps you get to your ride on time. While other recklessly push for profit in times of despair, Sajha bus has been more about provide convenience to the people. This definitely has to get national and chow down on the greed of the disgraceful public transport vehicle owners.

track sajha bus route location

The app is very new right now and so do expect some delay or bugs inside the app. Some have reported delay in the real-time updates of the location of bus. But this is something that could streamline your transportation much easier so slight acceptance and patience is required. And it’s always better to have some information about these things than leaving it to luck.

Try out the app if you travel a lot in the valley and let us know your experience with it. Also do provide reports through to developers email on the Google Play store and help make it better.

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