Top 3 Mobile Car Racing Games of 2020

Street Racing 3D Gameplay Screenshot

It’s 2020 and the horizon looks promising as many high-quality car racing games are on the conveyor belt.  Since smart-phone technology continues to improve year after year, games continue to push the boundary on graphics and gameplay.

In this short article, I’m going to give a rundown on the 3 best car racing games of 2020.

Fast & Furious Takedown

Fast and Furious Takedown gameplay screenshot

This mobile game takes after the iconic film franchise Fast & Furious. A real mind-blower, the controls, and feel of this game are second to none.  Its superiority shows as well as you will find TONS of 5-star reviews for the game across review websites.

Fast & Furious Takedown was inspired by the movies(obviously) and in it, you are working with a family that must take down a terrorist that goes by the name of “The Wolf”. Players must win races against The Wolf’s goons to progress. This game is great because it has an actual story to it unlike the others listed here. As players win more races they earn cash which they can use to improve their vehicle.

Fast & Furious Takedown is available on:

 Android and iOS


Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D Gameplay Screenshot

Want state of the art graphics for a mobile game? This is it. Street Racing 3D is an action-packed racing game with graphics that will blow you away.  Take to the streets in various sports cars and drift your way to high scores.

Players have the ability to upgrade their car to better their performance on the track. Stylish paints and stickers can be added to your vehicle so you can ride and win races in style. With so many different options to choose from, I don’t think you’ll have much difficulty finding a style you like.

The game was created by a well-known publisher Ivy and its available on:



M.U.D Rally Racing

M.U.D Rally Racing gameplay Screenshot

Another beauty created by CVi Games, M.U.D Rally Racing is a rally simulator that plays at 60 fps and features a wide range of maps that players can choose from. Ever wanted to race in the alps? How about Mexico? All the maps in the game are modeled after REAL and famous tracks.

Big time customization is incorporated in this game as players can customize the driver’s name and fly their country flag out the window if they choose to. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that level of detail in a mobile car racing game.

The game is available on :

Android | iOS



There we have it.  3 very fun and enjoyable racing games for mobile. Go with these games and you won’t be disappointed.  While they may be similar in appearance, each has its own special touch.

The only downside to these games is they do use up quite a bit of battery power. This is to be expected though as these are pretty graphically intense games.  Just remember to bring along a portable charger or situate yourself near a power outlet so you can game without worrying about your phone dying.



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