StumbleUpon is shifting, reserve a Mix username for yourself

Mix usernames

If you haven’t heard already, Stumbleupon is shutting down and will move its user base to Stumbleupon was great for finding great content by the community of people with similar interests. But the owners felt that it lacked a lot of social (cough monetary) aspects  which made it hard to grow. With Mix, they will try to revamp the interface and social aspects of sharing what you love. Mix will curate the things you might like in a single page rather than a single site at a time.

Currently you can only signup on Mix with either Google, Twitter or Facebook account

Mix usernames

Well, since it is inevitable that Stumbleupon is about to be dumped for lack of influence for the parent company, you should probably make the switch early to reserve your username or get even a cooler one. Mix is relatively new and there aren’t many users currently active the site. So this is your chance to get a cool Mix username without having to try many times to get a suitable username.

There’s also a inherent privacy complication with Stumbleupon. As random websites are returned for users, tracking scripts from Stumble and additional scripts and cookies are loaded onto the users browser. Since there isn’t a prediction of what kind of website will load, this adds to user information being read by multiple ad and tracking networks. Aggressive websites with numerous ad and tracking cookies can also slow down the browser.

While a Mix username isn’t exactly of value, short and easy to remember names will be harder to forget. The username “user” is obviously easy to remember than “user428r2”. If you represent a brand or business, this is also a good practice to register your brand names before others do. is a great short domain and may catch on quick when the switch from Stumbleupon finally happens. You will not want to wait for the hordes of users trying to get the best usernames for themselves.

Also thing to note are you cannot register brands that Mix deems will infringe copyright. Usernames like Google and Twitter were forbidden, however Bing was available for registration. So begin by looking for usernames that doesn’t infringe anyone’s copyright.

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