Mind bending animation of an 4D object in 3D

4D Object animated in 3D

Ever wondered how a 4D object (an object with 4 dimensions) would look like if it was right in front of you.Well this video from 1965 demonstrates two 4D objects rotating in 3 dimension. The animation technology sure has come a long way from the 60s but it doesn’t mean this is anything good. The 3D animation was made by A. Michael Noll on a IBM 7094 computers.

The image below may not look like much but wait until you see the video for yourself. :)

4D Object animated in 3D

Here’s the vidoe from Youtube:

[youtube M4nql28E_AE 500 400]

Footage Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

From: {Gizmodo}

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