How to broadcast your gameplay on Steam Broadcast

How to broadcast on steam

Steam broadcasts is game-play streaming feature built into Steam which offers streaming and chat to the gaming community. Watch broadcasts of your favorite games right on the Steam client or on the browser. Request broadcast from your friends or allow friends to watch you play. Currently with the basic features for broadcasting/viewing and chat you cannot follow a user or track when broadcasts become online. The important distinction is that Steam broadcast is integrated into the Steam client and it’s often easier for anyone to start stream through Steam broadcast. So let’s start

Steam Broadcast Options

Set up your own broadcasts:

  • You will need a privileged account which has spent $5 on Steam. Limited accounts can not use the broadcast feature.
  • You will need to configure your “Broadcast” settings in the Steam Settings window.
  • When you set “Anyone can watch my games” as your display option, a new checkbox will appear at the bottom of the window called “Always show Live“.
  • This enables automatic public broadcast when you start any game which appears on associated games broadcast section.

You can configure who watches the broadcast, the quality, video dimensions, and speed.
This will control your broadcast settings in-game. You can use audio from other applications on your system like music player. Disabled by default makes game-play screen only displayed on a viewers screen.

How to broadcast on steam

On Steam, you can watch broadcasts that are closer to you from the Steam’s “Community” section. The tab will hold steam broadcast from gamers playing different games that you may want to watch. The steam broadcasts seem to be close to your geographic location. To watch a broadcast of a specific game, you have to hop over to the associated game’s community hub and find the broadcast tab. This will only include steam broadcast for the same game. You don’t have to log in to chat on the browser, which is only required If you want to chat with the player.

Steam broadcast send watch game request

When you set your broadcasts to “friends only” your friend can request or watch your game-play when you are in a game. If you don’t have a live broadcast, you will get the request on your steam chat. A user can also ask a friend to watch their game-play. This is done by left click context menu on the Steam client’s friend list or chat window.

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