An easier way to compare best smartphones on the Market


So you’ve been wanting to buy a new smart phone for your daily tasks and work. With the number of options on how many smart phones you can buy, the choice become obviously hard and time consuming. As a investment you have to research all of the factors that help you make the right choice. The factors include, screen size, processing capabilities, additional features, price, camera, build quality and so on. If you plan to go with the research, it takes you through so many sites, reviews, and videos. That’s a lot of time spent when some sites and reviews are fairly biased and it doesn’t suit everyone.

But if you want to cut down on the time, you can start off with a better view of all the smart phones in a single place that allows you to filter available smart phones from screen size, price range, resolution and storage.



As you can see by the above picture, you can sort the filters on the left with storage, RAM available, resolution, screen size, price and even weight. Once you set the filters that you want you can go ahead and look at the devices shown on the right. When you hover your mouse over the small mobile icons they enlarge into a big info pop up for the device. When you like a device you can highlight the device or dismiss the device to hide it.

Then you can start checking the devices details,availability and reviews for users and videos on problems, issues on the device. If you are a power user, and want  you’ll also want to check for custom

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