IFTTT recipes you might enjoy using created by us


IFTTT has been a great way to automate things on the internet for me and many other people. We have covered IFTTT a long time ago and it has only been growing ever since. Now there are a ton of channels and recipes for you to customize for your needs. These include special recipes for Outer Space, Sports, Music and  more. I am going to list some my ifttt recipes here so people can comment and add suggestions to current and new recipes. We are going to create and list more recipes as we create them.

1. Motivational quotes to Android push notification

The first one is a push notification sent to Android through a notification, This has a combination of motivational quotes from multiple sites. You need an Android device and IFTTT app for this.

motivational quotes to android push recipe

2. Get Motivational quotes as SMS

This has the same sources like the above recipe however the recipe sends the quotes as a text message to your number.

IFTTT recipe that sends motivational quotes sent to you in SMS

3. Post daily Weather report with image to facebook page.

This recipe grabs the daily weather report from the weather channel of your account and post the weather with a nice picture. This is useful if you want to greet your facebook followers with a good morning, if you’re a company that provides services like food, you can let your customers know that hows the weather going to be so they can join in.

IFTTT recipe to upload daily weather forecast facebook page

4. Customized Top Tech news from Reddit to your Email

I’ve customized reddit rss to my likings so i can get visual links and comments count. And i’ve set up a IFTTT recipe to be sent to my email.IFTTT recipe to send reddit top tech news to email

This is how it looks on the email, this is from my Gmail.

email from the tech recipe

5. Top World News from Reddit to Pushbullet note

This is a simple recipe that extracts the title and direct link from the reddit rss to be send as a pushbullet note to your pushbullet connected devices.

recipe for top world news from reddit to pushbullet note

These are only a few simple ones i have shared in the IFTTT site, i have some in the works and hopefully you will like them. But if you have any ideas to manipulate, combine and filter RSS feeds and use them for an IFTTT recipe, i would love to hear them. And please leave comment or suggestion for above recipes too.

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