Google’s “Android Upgrade Invite” enables a sneak peek into future Android updates

Android Upgrade Invite feature demonstration in slides

Google has introduced a new Android Upgrade Invite feature. This provides a sneak peek into major Android updates before installation. Yes Google! The company that most often uses “bug fixes and performance improvement” on their app updates.

Android Upgrade Invite feature demonstration in slides
Android Upgrade Invite feature demonstration in slides. Source: Mishaal Rahman

First noted by Mishaal Rahman, this feature is a big improvement. Text-based changelogs that have been part of Android since its inception. Most of which are often technical, with no visual cues. Most just get overwhelmed by them and never use the new features. This ensures they can fully use all the exciting new features and improvements offered by updates. No more scouring YouTube to see what the manufacturers updated your phone with.

Operating system updates are an important part of the smartphone experience. As always on/always connected devices, they are prone to security issues, bugs, and performance degradation. Updates introduce new features, fix bugs, prevent exploits and improve performance. These updates make the overall smartphone experience better. Users usually see a changelog when they get an update notification. Android Upgrade Invite feature showcases the upcoming update’s features through a series of screens. Users not only get to see what the update entails but are also prompted to install it. It aims to provide a more interactive view of what the updates include.

Android users can now access more detailed information about pending updates. Devices with a pending OS upgrade will send users a push notification. The notification will show the new features and ask users to approve the upgrade. Users can make an informed decision by being better prepared for what’s ahead.

It’s important to note that this functionality currently seems limited to major Android OS versions. OEMs cannot use this option if they add new features only to their software skin without upgrading the underlying Android version. OEMs may display their exclusive features if Android maintainers overcome this limitation.

This is a welcome change from Google. Android smartphone manufacturers are getting serious about long-term updates to their devices. Fairphone has pledged to provide support for their device for seven years. This feature can be something everyone can look forward to. Google is looking for ways to improve the user experience on Android devices. They are working on seamless software updates to make this possible.