Monitor Windows system, stats and resource usage on your Android

android windows remote system monitor

IT professionals are responsible for many systems for their work or home network. Most often they can connect to the Remote Desktop application and then control everything on their remote devices. If you are controlling Linux or a networking expert you could connect to the device through ssh to control and monitor the device.

I often love using remote desktop but I often just want to check the resource stat on a device. If you have a Windows remote machine, you often need to login to your remote desktop, run the task manager and check the stats you need. There are times you need to view the resource usage of the devices like processes, CPU, RAM usage, temperatures and I/O rates. This remote monitoring application helps monitor the resources right from your Android device. The application connects to the remote device through its client application, gets all the data from the system and displays it in a clean interface on your phone.

Remote System Monitor by Trigone can show relevant information about hardware, resource usage and vital data from the Windows system. This problem is made easy with a light server application which runs in the background. There are a few configuration options you can set like online broadcast, setup password, and to allow it to run on Windows startup.

windows system monitor server application

When you open the Android application, if you have the broadcast option enabled on the server control you automatically see the device on your list. Once you connect to the device, you may be asked to enter the password you have set. Then you can view the information about the hardware, resource graphs.

remote system monitor analysis

There is a slight high CPU usage when you run the application to monitor the device from the application. This scenario is expected as it is monitoring various system functions and graphing them in the process. Although if it used less CPU, it would be great. However, you would not need to run this application for very long and can switch to full Remote Desktop for that.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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