Where Is Nepal? an Easy Guide

Where is Nepal
Geo Sat location of Nepal, NASA

Many people have heard of it, but relatively few people could tell you exactly where it is. Surprisingly, even fewer people know that it is a country in its own right, with many people confusing it with Tibet, a municipality of China. In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about some of the things which make Nepal unique, so that you will be able to answer with confidence if someone asks you, “Where is Nepal?”

To start things off, Nepal is the country with the highest mountain peak in the World, Mt. Everest with tons of other glorious mountainous range and is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Even when Buddhism has flourished around the globe the birthplace and the country still remains a mystery to many everywhere.

Where is Nepal
Geo Sat location of Nepal, NASA


Nepal is located between India and China, along the Himalayas. While it might be a small country, Nepal can boast that it contains eight of the world’s ten largest mountains. The mountainous region is mainly in the north of the country, along the border with China, and the land descends into tropical lowlands as one travels further south. Since there is so much diversity in the regions of Nepal, there are many different climates, ranging from the tropical heat of the south to the Arctic conditions of the mountains. Mount Everest is the main attraction for foreigners visiting Nepal, as a steady stream of adventurers seek to conquer the biggest challenge on Earth- quite literally!

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Prince Rahula with Buddha
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Those who only come for the mountaineering, though, are missing out on much of what makes Nepal such a unique place. Like many countries in the region, Nepal has a rich culture built upon many generations of storytelling and folklore. Much of this is passed on through the medium of dance and music, as well as speech, so that the stories which make up Nepalese folklore are as much about the way they are told as they are about the stories themselves. Nepal is also traditionally held as the birthplace of the Buddha himself, but the vast majority of the population, around 80%, are Hindu. Nepal is praised for having no social discrimination against any religion and people with all the different religions have been living peacefully for ages.

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Nepal has been engaged in political turmoil over the last few decades, but things look to be improving now. After the strife which followed the abolition of the monarchy in 1990, it has now settled into an entirely democratic country, which recently swore in its first female president. Nepal is also one of the few Asian countries to give LGBT citizens the same marriage and legal rights as everyone else, as well as the ability to officially register as neither male nor female- a sign that Nepal truly is making its way into the future and finding its place in today’s world.

Nepal has been continously ranked best places to visit. Forbes, RoughGuides, Fodors, and Afar are few to list Nepal as a place to visit in 2016. With great views, places to visit and local hospitality, this is one of the places that you have to have on your bucket list. So when next time someone asks you “Where is Nepal?” you can describe it in all it’s glory.