Turn on Windows 10 Dark Mode for Settings and Apps


If you prefer dark theme for apps overall, your eyes will strain less and become less prone to eye problems. In Windows 10, you can set the theme for apps and settings to dark theme which can help in low light situations or nights. The setting is readily available from the settings options. You do not need to restart or log off for this setting to change the Windows 10 Dark mode settings.

You just have to navigate to Settings->Personalization->Colors to set the theme to dark for the dark theme to take effect.

Windows 10 Dark Mode
Additionally, you can choose the accent colors for start, task-bar and window titles, Turning the theme to light is easy as switching back to the “light” theme. This Windows 10 dark mode, however, only takes effect on Windows 10 exclusive settings and Apps. The settings windows carried over from Windows 7 do not turn to black. Examples include Windows Explorer, Control Panel, and Network and Sharing Center.

As a frequent computer user, Applications with dark mode provide some relief to numerous hours spent in-front of a computer screen. While this should be the norm for relieving strain on users eyes, it has not been priority for companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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