Say goodbye to load-shedding but remember to use it responsibly

Nepal efficient energy usage

With the power cuts almost gone, we can finally say good byes the the ad infested load-shedding schedule apps from our phones. I can remember them from the first time I got to use a smartphone. It had almost been a niche app in Nepal where you could choose from many different apps. But finally you don’t have to have it running everyday.

But now, at least in some locations including the valley have gone load shedding free for about a month. There are occasional power cuts but they are not as excruciating as having to wait for the power to come on on your phone every single day. And also it has made the winter more bearable to many people.

Nepal efficient energy usage


As the load-shedding is being redacted, one must remember it is everyone’s responsibility to use it responsibly so it doesn’t have to start again. According to NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) Nepal requires about 1400 megawatt electricity of which around 800 is bought through Indian power grid. If the people are to use electric devices efficiently and responsibly, the reduced usage would reflect on the revenue saved from going to another country.

  • Purchase Energy efficient products. (They save you money along the way)
  • Devices do not necessarily need to be charge overnight. As it consumes more electricity and also shortens the battery life.
  • Turn on electric devices only during the usage period. (Electric devices still use up electricity during standby)
  • Don’t waste electricity. (Some people tend to keep powering devices they never use like old phones or devices)

These simple rules are often avoided as they don’t seem like a big problem. But as there are thousands of people using many more devices, it uses a substantial amount of energy  from the grid. It is worth the effort to take steps to support the everyone’s need than your own. Because when the load shedding starts again, it will certainly hurt us all.

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