Play the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s fictional Californication game

Californication game character selection

Californication is a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers released in 1999. Many of us recognize it from the iconic gameplay style music video. A fan-made game named “Californication” has brought that game to life. Miquel Camps Orteza is the game developer and fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He started it as a challenge, but Californication game garnered a huge attention from fans. It even got featured on IGN. This made him pour in more effort into the game. The game is available for PC and Mac operating system, ongoing development for Android.

Californication game character selection scren
Californication game character selection screen

Miquel made the game in Unity game engine and features 7 levels resembling the most notable moments in the music video. You can go skiing through the snow, swim underwater, drive a car around, or go flying on a giant dragonfly. The game doesn’t include the Californication song as its copyrighted. But the game offers links to play it on your browser. You can skip it and play it on your smartphone. Watch the introductory video here.


Gameplay is good for initial release but quite short. The graphics are similar to the music video and there are a lot of details put in to match the elements from music video. The objective is to collect californication logo icons throughout your path. There is also a mini-map on the bottom to help you find them. Once you complete a level, you can continue onto next level. There is no restrictions on levels, so you can play any level you prefer.

Controls are what you’d expect with the arrow keys and space bar for jump. The game also supports console controllers if you have them.


The only thing that could make it better is having stamina allotment to speed up for a brief moment and way longer levels. And also some optimization as it cranked up the fans high for a short game. For a free game and the nostalgia, it is definitely more than you can ask for.

If you ever wished to experience to take part in a Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s universe, this is your chance. What are you waiting for? The Californication game is available on If you want to wait for the Android port, stay updated on the developer blog or follow him on Twitter. You can also support the developer like the game and if you want the development to continue.