PAYDAY: The Heist will go for free for 24 hours via Steam at 10:45 PM in Nepal

payday the heist free

This was announced over a month ago, that the PAYDAY: The Heist game will go free on Steam if the game community group made it to its specific goal in between the duration. And after 1.5 million people in the group, now the game will go free for 24 hours on Steam and for the steam users in Nepal that will be at 10:45 PM today.

payday: the heist free

PAYDAY™ The Heist is an action filled first person shooter that lets players take on the role of a hardened career criminal executing intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next “big score”. Load out with an array of weaponry and equipment. Navigate six high-stake heists with three other live or A.I. Co-Op partners in crime.Time for a PAYDAY™ – Cash in Before you Cash Out!

This is the announcement from the OVERKILL group who created this game:

PAYDAY: The Heist for free for 24 hours via Steam Thursday morning at 10AM Pacific

To celebrate that you reached the goal earlier than anticipated, we’re giving out PAYDAY: The Heist for free via Steam Thursday morning at 10AM Pacific and going forward for 24 hours. This was going to happen on the 18th originally but since you guys did such an awesome job we want to give you the reward as soon as possible.

Tell your friends and family that they can download PAYDAY: The Heist for free on Thursday morning of October 16th at 10AM Pacific. We’ll give out clear instructions on how to download it come Thursday.

So, if you like a FPS game with ton of community behind it and have been waiting for a heist of your own. You will need to grab this in the 24 hour time period. If you haven’t heard of the game, here’s a video preview of the game for you.

We hope you guys can grab the game and add it to your libraries for playing with your friends and families.

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