Khudi and Bhulbhule

bBhulbhule waterfall

Khudi is a small community on the road to Manang. Bhulbhule is just a couple kilometer away in the same direction. We were on our trek to Ghale-gaun, so we decide to stay at Khudi and start the trek early in the morning. The road from Besi Sahar was quite shaky, but you don’t have to wait too long to get to Khudi. For tourists, TIMS pass is checked on the way to Khudi so prepare your documents. The conductor of the bus will most likely ask you if he can take your pass and get it signed. This way you don’t have to get off the bus. The conductor then collects all the documents from the tourists on the bus and will get it signed and return it back to you.

Once you reach Khudi bus station, you will get off on the bank of the Marsyangdi river. We found ourselves a place to stay then got ready to walk to Bhulbhule. There’s a roadway which goes to Bhulbhule, then it separates to two roads. One along the left and the other crossing the bridge on the other side. We took the road that took us through a tunnel along the Marsyangdi river. Since the roadway is rocky and dusty, this way seemed more comfortable to walk. After about half an hour you will find a small village on the right of the road. This is where the tea-houses are located and where you can find a place to stay. The area had traditional houses with very polite people.

The Tunnel to Bhulbhule

We drank tea in one of the houses and asked the direction to the waterfall. The waterfall is about 5-10 minute walk north-east of Bhulbhule. It gets quite cold when you get near the waterfall, but we had a lot of fun there.

Bhulbhule waterfall
Bhulbhule waterfall

When we decided to return at dusk, we saw a mesmerizing view of Himchuli with the bright orange hue of the sunset. We stayed at a nearby tea-shop until the clouds covered the mountain and then we returned back to Khudi for rest to prepare for our hike to Ghale-gaun.

Himchuli from Bhulbhule tea houses
View of Himchuli from Bhulbhule tea houses at dusk

The place where we stayed at Khudi was just beside the marsyangdi river. And that meant you could hear the water flowing through the river at all times. I would say, it was quite lovely and comforting.

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