Here’s how you watch YouTube with less or no Ads

less or no ads on youtube

If you ever spend time watching YouTube videos, you have most likely seen numerous ads. And this happens on every single video you watch. It is not hard to see why it annoys many people. You want to watch a video or show someone an interesting video, you open up the link, and some weird ad greets you. Your friend and family then look at you like they do not know you anymore. Google’s main source of revenue is ads, but ads on every video is outrageous. Fortunately, we have come up with a workaround for this problem.

less or no ads on youtube
Google shows ads to targeted people and demographics. So this is why people get ads where advertisers want to influence people the most. At locations that aren’t favoured by advertisers, people get much less or no ads at all. So basically you have to make your system lie about the actual location of your device.
This is where the mighty VPN technology comes in. With a switch of a button, your phone or computer web address appears from a different location altogether. Moreover, Advertisers do not want to waste their money on showing ads to people that might not be interested in their products, or they might not even have a presence on the location. So basically you have to choose a location that isn’t where advertisers want their ads shown.
In U.S., Canada and similar countries, ads are prevalent everywhere. You might be able to block textual and image ads on websites, but YouTube video ad is a different beast altogether. Adblock options like uBlock, Adblock Plus, do not work with YouTube video ads as they appear as a part of a video rather than a different request which can be filtered and blocked.\

worldwide vpn networks
The solution here is to use a VPN service that offers a location to small countries that are not targeted by big advertisers yet. There are many locations even in free VPN service providers that provide services from these countries. Find a country that is secluded and connect to it. And you will most likely get very little ads or no ads at all. Just free, uninterrupted video browsing till you are content. You do have to choose a proper VPN without privacy and security issues to make sure you are safe. As VPN apps are easy to use as switching a button on and off, this would not require too much work.
People may consider this as blocking content creators from receiving revenue. However, if you ever have been on YouTube long enough, you know that there are a lot more stupid videos, click bait titles than genuine, quality videos. Many people, groups even create fake thumbnails, sensationalize titles just to achieve more view on their videos for ad revenue. And even if you want to support your favourite YouTuber, you can turn off the VPN before watching their videos. The ads now can operate without any problem working again, and everyone is happy. Let us know what you think in the comments

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