Geek Hacker Typing Simulator Prank on your Browser


If you are a tech geek, your friends and family rely on you for technology related issues. Their insensitivity of technology can also be a great setup for harmless pranks. There are many ways to use a computer or a mobile phone to prank people. Some are simple pranks that include fake viruses, fake BSOD screen or elaborate pranks like a Windows XP on a browser or a hacker typing simulator to pretend you’re a real hacker. You may try it on your geek friends as well. Although they will figure it out, you might get a good chuckle.

Pranx has a lot of convincing internet prank. You can choose from multiple pranks, open them up and set it up to full screen and enjoy the reactions after.

Hacker Typing Simulator

This is one well-built prank that lets you pretend that you’re typing like a real hacker in a movie. Open up the link on your browser, which is a fake desktop resembling hacker screens depicted in Hollywood. Open the program console window, where you can start typing random letters on your keyboard, but it will casually start typing a supposed network penetration program.

Geek hacker typing prank on Pranx
Geek hacker typing prank on Pranx

After creating the h4x0r tool in the above window, it’s time to use “Remote connection” tool to hack into NASA system. This also has a hacker typing feature which converts your keyboard presses into passable commands for accessing a remote network connection and accessing their admin area and transferring all the money to your offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands. Easy money, isn’t it?

Hacking and sending all the money to an offshore bank
Hacking and sending all the money to an offshore bank

Besides the hacker typing geek prank, you can also keep this screen running on full screen with the “Headquarter Surveillance” window open. Do this by opening the icon on the desktop. Someone less technically inclined person will think you are spying on some secret camera stream. This starts playing this YouTube video with no video controls, making it seem like a camera feed on your screen.

Spying secret camera geek prank
Spying secret headquarter camera

The “Nuclear Plant” icon opens up a screen with a nuclear plant monitoring screen. The values animate to give a sense of authenticity. Change nothing on that screen though, we don’t want any nuclear disaster to occur.

Nuclear reactor monitor geek prank screenshot
Nuclear reactor monitor geek prank

You can run these pranks in multiple languages. So pick a language that seems more authentic to you and setup your prank. You can do this on the start menu. Although this is fun and interesting, I believe it would be more believable with a realistic desktop enviornment and with real commands from Unix or Linux systems.