5 DIY Christmas Gifts – Ideas For Those On A Budget

DIY Christmas Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner and everyone is warming up to the festive season. The season is also a season of giving which makes it a lot more special and personal. So if you haven’t thought what Christmas gifts you are planning to get then you better start brain storming. There are a lot of gifts you can buy during this season but if you are looking to give DIY Christmas gifts, then we’ve collected some special easy to make but beautify ideas that will add the personal feel to your gifts.

1. The decorated cup or tumbler

Who doesn’t like something hot to drink on a cold winter night? Skip ahead to about the 2-minute mark in this video and you will see a pretty easy DIY gift idea that can suit just about any budget. All you need to do with this one is pick up one of those re-usable clear travel mugs, which you can get just about anywhere. Coat the outside of the cup with a thin layer of glue, and then sprinkle on some glitter to make it shine. Use some confetti paper to fill up the inside of the cup, and drop in a few little treats, such as a candy bar, or perhaps a gift card to the recipient’s favorite coffee shop. This is one that can be made really cheaply, as the glue and the glitter can be bought for a couple of bucks. The cup will obviously be more expensive if it’s a branded product, but they can be picked up pretty cheaply at mass market stores. Buy in bulk and make a personalized cup for everyone on your list.

2. Mason Jar Snowman

Nothing says Christmas quite like a cute little snowman, and he becomes even cuter when you add some edibles into the mix. The snowman in this video is made up of a trio of mason jars, which cost about $4 for a pack of 4. A little bit of ribbon and some glue help decorate your glass snowman, although there doesn’t appear to be any space for a corn cob pipe. The beauty of this little DIY Christmas gift is that you can fill the jars with items to suit the person you are giving it to. This is where you can get really creative, whilst also making it a little more personalized.

3. Christmas Coasters

Do you have a friend or family member that is constantly posting pictures on social media? If so, then these coasters make a perfect gift. You are going to need some plain cork coasters, modge podge or glue, poster board, and some felt backings to put on the bottom of your finished coasters. The modge podge is likely to be the most expensive item in the bunch, but you will have enough to use in multiple DIY Christmas gift projects. It’s actually a better option than glue for this one, as it creates a glossy acrylic finish that will withstand any spills. You will also need to print out some of the pictures that your friend has taken, as those will be the images that display on the coaster. The steps in the video are easy to follow, and you can probably create a set of 4 coasters for under $10.

4. Photo Bookmark

It’s not everyone who loves to get their fiction fix via an e-reader, as there are still plenty of bookworms who love the look and feel of a good book. Jump to about the 7:30 mark of this video to find an easy to make bookmark that anyone would love to have. This is really inexpensive to make and easy to create. All you need is some ribbon, a picture that you think the person you are giving it to will love, some scissors, and a little bit of needle and thread skill. A few simple ribbon snips and a well-placed stitch with the needle and thread, and you have a cool little bookmark that only costs a couple of bucks to make. You may even have enough money left over to buy a book to go with it.

5. Gumball Machine, Candy cane candle, Sweater mug and more..

Get these easy and creative ideas to make a gift that’s worth giving you your friends and family with a personal touch. A gift is so much more when you put your effort on it. YouTuber LikeWowLala has 5 great ideas for great Christmas DIY presents that are both easy to make from things are easy to find but still look way better at the end. So you won’t be missing out on your holiday gift ideas.

These are our collection of gift ideas, what are you favorite DIY Christmas gifts you’ve got or do you have an idea for one. Let us know in the comments. Have a wonderful and safe Holidays.

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