Cloud convert lets you convert over 200 file formats

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Cloud convert is an online service that offers a huge range of conversion service for over 200 file formats. That’s a huge number of options you get. This includes documents, videos, audio, archive, spreadsheets and even vector and cad files. The need for a stand alone file conversion software on your desktop is no more a requirement. This saves time, and resource on your end as everything is done on the cloud.

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I used cloud convert about 6 months ago when I needed to convert a whole bunch of audio files to a mp3 format. She uploaded them to her dropbox folder and shared the folder with me. Now I had to download the whole bunch of files and then re-upload them. That was a lot of work, then I searched if there was an online service that could offer the service. And to my surprise the site was exactly what i wanted. It could sync with the dropbox folder and then upload the files to a different folder. How cool was that? And it has been in my bookmark ever since.

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So, I was done in about half an hour. But it doesn’t work with encrypted audios like itunes encrypted files. And i shared the folder that cloud convert created to the friend of mine. we were both happy. It didn’t have as many services that it has now but it has grown big with it’s file conversion service is great for all of us. The only thing is that the free users are limited to 20 minutes of service in the cloud.

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The 20 minutes refer to the time consumed converting your files, so more intensive your conversion is, it’s going to take more time. But if it takes more than 20 minutes of conversion, then it’s not going to work on the site and you’ll have to either upgrade to a premium plan or find a standalone conversion application.

Give it a go next time you have something to convert in your home, office and easily share it with family and friends. And let us know how it goes.

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