Comparitech runs an Internet Speed test service that donates to charity including EFF

Comparitech speedtest

Comparitech runs a charitable internet speed test service that donates 1 cent for every test per user. The site has already raised over $1000 for donations. It supports Computers 4 Africa which promotes computer education in developing parts of Africa, and EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which fights for digital rights and promotes freedom and transparency on the Internet.

There is a limit of 1 cent per user, which doesn’t seem that great but considering there are billions of tests done every year, opting to use comparitech could gather some decent contributions to the charity.

The speed test doesn’t depend on any external library, Flash or Java. It will run on anything with a recent browser. So you can test from your smartphone and your PC. It doesn’t have a history you can compare to and it’s basically a standalone speedometer for your current internet speed.

Comparitech speedtest

According to Comapartitech, there are over 3 billion Internet Broadband speed tests every year on popular speed test websites. If they can gather even a small percentage of those users, they would have raised a decent amount for the charity.

It is also often recommended to test from multiple services to get relatively close to what your actual speed is. So just add this service to a list of sites you can test your internet speed.

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