NCell brings Samsung Galaxy S3 to Nepal with an installment plan

Ncell Samsung Galaxy S3

NCell, one of the major mobile communication company in Nepal is bringing the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone which is considered one of the best Android phone in the market to Nepalese in what seems like quite a good deal. The deal is you have to pay NRs 6499 monthly for 12 months in a selected bank and you get your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with NCell’s pro premium package included within the deal with no extra charges.


Samsung Galaxy S3

This is what NCell has on its site:

Get your Samsung Galaxy SIII at a minimal monthly installment of Rs 6499 per month (including all taxes).

You can avail this offer on a monthly installment of 12 months. You will also get Ncell Pro Premium included for 12 months worth Rs. 11988 within this rate.The Pro Premium will include 700 minute local calls, 700 local SMS and 70 MB data per month.

To avail this offer, please proceed for application through Nabil Bank and Bank of Kathmandu (BOK).

Follow these simple steps to get your handset:


1. Get an approval from any of the outlets of Nabil Bank or Bank of Kathmandu.
2. Once approved, book your handset and pay the first month EMI to the Bank.
3. After that, visit your nearest Ncell Center along with the approval and complete the regular process for Pro subscription.
4. Receive your Samsung Galaxy SIII bundled with Pro Premium before anyone else.

Limited stock, book your handset now!

The current price of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Amazon is $669 and also considering the rising value of Dollar over Nepali Rupee, here’s some maths for you.

669 USD x 86 = NPR 57534

If you order it from a service like Harilo you might get a quote of about NRs 5000 for shipping including the price of the phone.

NPR 57534  + NPR 5000 = NPR 62534

NCells Installment offer:-

NPR 6499 x 12 = NPR 77988
77988 – 11988 = NPR 66000

So you’re getting a phone at about similar prices, if you can afford NRs 6500 per month and love the NCell Pro Premium package this seems like a good deal. But if like the freedom of using any carrier you want then the extra charges might drive you off the offer.

What do you think?

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