Don’t miss your notifications on any device with Pushbullet

Manage your notifications smartly and send custom notifications to your devices with pushbullet. Take control of your notications

Notifications are now a much part of life these reminding people of things without having to remember them every time. But what if you could get your mobile notification on your desktop or send a quick notification to your phone from your PC where you’re working so you could pick up your phone check then notification and get reminded  what you had to do. Pushbullet is a service that offer service to allows users to create and also access their notification from multiple devices.


Pushbullet helps you connect your Android and iOS device with browsers (Mozilla and Google Chrome) and windows making your notifications display on any one of them or all of them.

pushbullet web panel

This would send an notification to my Samsung Galaxy S phone with the mentioned text so i can check it out later when i grab the phone and take a look at the notification before i leave from work.

pushbullet android notification

There are 4 kinds of notifications you can send on Push bullet, they are:

  • A general message with a title allows you to copy them or share.
  • A link notification allows you to open links directly from your notifications.
  • An attachment notification that allows for files to be sent across devices.
  • A list notification, and
  • A location notification

One of the features of pushbullet is to send your smartphone notification to your computer while you’re working or browsing from the internet. This two way notification allows you to keep away from your phone while still getting your notifications. You can either have a browser integration or a windows application that will inform you of all the notifications from the smart phone.

Another great addition to the feature list is the history of notifications you’ve gotten through the app. So even if you missed a notification or accidently swiped it, you could go back and check what notifications were they. But there isn’t currently a search feature, which might make it even better. Hopefully, lets hope it’s coming soon.

There are also IFTTT recipes that utilize pushbullet notification service which lets you get notifications from a whole lot of different services. Let us know what you think in the comments

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