View any image on ImageShack without being blocked

View imageshack images without getting blocked by changing the referrer on Mozilla Firefox. No more image blockage from imageshack. doesn’t allow viewing of images when the domain is not registered with them or the domain is blocked, But i’ve found a way to view those images without getting the blocked or banned domain notification. You’re going to need Firefox and RefControl plugin to accomplish this. This is a simple hack so that you don’t have to login to your account to view images from Imageshack.

As imageshack uses a http referrer to determine whether to show the image or not, we are going to fool imageshack to think that any request to their images are coming from their own site. This makes it display any images without any problem.

Firstly you’ll have to download Mozilla Firefox if you don’t have it and then add Refcontrol plugin from :-


Once you install the plugin and restart Firefox you change adds sites you want to configure at:

Tools -> Addons -> RefControl -> Options

Then you add a new site as shown in the picture below and save the site.

change imageshack referrer

Then you’re done you can view any image from imageshack without being blocked for viewing. Enjoy this simple hack


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