Umano – App where vocal artists read your favorite online articles for free

Umano is an app available for IOS and Android that allows you to hear online articles read our by real people without having you to read them out and stressing your eyes.

Umano is an app available for IOS and Android that allows you to hear online articles read our by real people. This means that you don’t have to stress your eyes to read the articles you like on your favorite sites. This can be your friend in a commute or you can hear the news while relaxing or doing something else. If the article is interesting and the sites is popular, the article is probably on the Umano too. Umano has a great bunch of voice artists that read out the articles with great techniques, even with emotions making it more loveable.

Umano also has breaking news narrated as quick as possible, you can set up Umano to send you notifications for trending articles or breaking news alerts. This is available on your settings panel on the app.

umano app

Umano is completely free to use and you can download the application directly from the Google Play Store. Although it has a premium monthly subscription service which lets you download the audio from the application. The free version only limitation of 40 aritcle playlist and inablility to download audio. Meaning you have to directly stream.

Download app for your iOS device and your Android Device.

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Other feature include, custom channels to subscribe to. There are whole lot of different genres of article from Fashion to science that you can subscribe to. And Umano itself suggest some articles that you should listen to based on your learning habits.

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I find this very convenient as you don’t have to stressing out your eyes to read the articles on the sites themselves. Other thing is you can listen to it while you do something else on your device. You can set up your playlist and let it play on the background automatically. Umano also allows users to get premium plan for inviting users through their custom links. This allows them to increase their app visibility and you can share an awesome app while getting a premium plan for a limited time.

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