Tor for Android – Orbot

Orbot brings Tor for Android from the Tor Project which allows you to hide your real identity while you're online from your Android device.

We’ve discussed about anonymous browsing through Tor Browser Bundle from TorProject. The Tor Browser Bundle will help you get your privacy back online on desktops and Laptops but what about your mobile device. With the use of mobile devices going out of the roof these days its important you stay anonymous on your mobile or smartphone as well. For the same reasons Tor Project has built an Android App called Orbot that lets you use Tor on your Android device for all applications.

Click on the image below to download Orbot app to your Android device.

Tor for Android

Tor for Android is called Orbot and is available for download from TorProject. With the app you will be able to connect to the Tor network and choose the applications to tunnel through the Tor Network without using your real IP address.

Orbot brings Tor to Android

After you install Orbot to your Android and run it for the first time you will be presented with a intitial setup wizard that will help you choose which apps you want to choose to use the Tor. You can either choose to use all apps through Tor or just some apps to use the Tor Network. If your Android device is rooted the app will ask you for Android Super User access to enable Transparent Proxying for better Tor experience. Once you’re done with the setup wizard, you’ll have to enable the app when you are online to make a connection to the Tor Network. Once you’re connected, the apps that you’ve chosen to use the Tor Network will automatically be tunneling through the Tor Network without affecting the other apps.

Orbot Super User Access


It’s recommended that you use Tor for your browser, chat apps and accordingly to the apps which can track your IP. After you’re connected to the Tor Network through Orbot, you can check the connection with the option on the settings menu. Or you can use your Tor enabled browser app to a IP checking site to view if Tor is working and it isn’t showing your real IP.

Tor Android browser  IP test

Also Orbot has a  huge settings page where you can configure tor to your preferences like Tor Tethering to use tor while sharing your mobile data connection. You can also manage Node Configuration, Bridges, Relaying, Reachable Addresses, Hidden Services, Proxy Services for Tor.

Orbot Settings

So, if you are serious about online privacy and would like to use Tor for your Android we suggest you try out Orbor for your android. And share how it goes on comments.

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