Todoist puts all ToDo apps to shame. Here’s why!!

There are a ton of ToDo and lists app on the Google Play store, iTunes and Windows store. They offer very similar features with slight changes and workflow. I was using Any.Do for past year, it was very simple and easy to use but it didn’t quite have the features that I wanted. Living in a country where we have to follow 2 calenders, it’s hard to keep track of things right.

Todoist powerful duedate feature

Todoist is a ToDo and collaboration app, that has some of the best features for an ToDo app. First and foremost, it’s multi-platform, it has apps for devices and browsers from Android, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Firefox and even Gmail. It has a great interface that allows for easy to access to-do list where you can create and view your task. It has a simple but best interface of any ToDo app i’ve seen. It syncs seamlessly through all your device and it takes notes, shares tasks with others. What more do you need?

Todoist DateTime capability

The thing that sets it apart from other apps is the ability to handle schedules, reminders and due dates. The scheduling is so flexible that you can set it to take most complex time schedule. For example you need an reminder for a task every 5 days at a certain time. Other apps don’t allow you to do this, they don’t have custom time schedulers, your only option is to set it to a daily reminder. With Todoist, you don’t have to rely on just one type of reminders, you can set your own schedules, like repetition after 3 days, every first sunday, next Saturday and so on.

There is a whole list of different time dates you can use with Todoist. Here’s just some of them:

Regular dates you can set:

  • today
  • tomorrow
  • friday
  • next friday
  • tom at 16:30
  • fri at 2pm

Recurring reminders:

  • every day
  • every mon, fri at 20:00
  • ev day at 1pm
  • ev 7
  • ev 7 may
  • ev 3 days starting next monday
  • every day at 14:30 starting 1 Jan
  • every 13 may
  • ev weekday
  • every last day
  • every 2nd monday

These ability to understand time and date gives Todoist a great benefit from other ToDo apps on the market. As different tasks come with different due date requirements and repetition, Todoist is the only app that you can customize to fit into your schedule for better productivity.

If you still haven’t installed Todoist yet, Register and grab their apps for the devices you use now. You won’t regret it

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