Emulating no internet/network on Google Chrome Developer tools

Google Chrome Developer tools has a handy developer tool feature that you can use to simulate internet speed lower than your normal capacity. This is useful to test requests that are sent to the server from the app but without actually sending it. You can then decipher the cookies, headers, and other parameters if you need. To activate this feature, you have to just open the developer tool settings.

Screenshot of Web pages not opening after the no internet profile is chosen
  • On the settings panel, there’s a Throttling tab on the right sidebar.
  • On the Throttling tab, create a Profile Name with ‘no internet’ or anything you’d like.
  • On the Download/Upload speed and latency, put the number zero as input. Then save the profile.
  • Now on the networking tab of the developer tools, find the “Online” dropdown.
  • When you click on the dropdown, you’ll get a list of network throttling options with your custom ‘no internet’ option as well.

Instruction with Images

Go the the settings:

Screenshot of the chrome developer tools showing the setting gear icon on the top right

Add a throttling profile on your setting

Screenshot of creating a no internet profile on Google chrome developer setting

Choose the setting you just made from the “Network” tab of the developer tool.

Selecting the 'no internet' profile from the internet throttling option of google chrome developer tools

And that’s it, the internet will stop working for the selected tab with the developer option open. The throttling option will only work with the developer window open and stop working as soon as you close it. So you cannot fool your friend or unsuspecting colleagues with it

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