How to shutdown computer when uTorrent completes downloading a torrent.

This is a short tutorial where i'm going to show you how to shutdown your PC when a torrent has completed downloading

This is a short tutorial where I’m going to show you how to shutdown your PC when a torrent has completed downloading. This is make sure the computer turn off as soon as the download of the Torrent is complete so your system won’t be using too much power staying idle. This is great for when you’re about to sleep or going out for some time. As the file size of the torrent can be huge, you can’t just sit around monitoring if its complete.

First open up your uTorrent, then choose a torrent you’re downloading. Here I’m choosing a Ubuntu 12.10 torrent, which is a big size so this is perfect to let it run while i’m asleep. You’ll be prompted to select the files in your uTorrent as “Add a new Torrent”. On this window, press the “Advanced” tab on the bottom left.

Add New Torrent

Once on the “Advanced” options window, again go for the “Advanced” tab. Here you will find a “Run Program” section which is run when the torrent completes downloading. Add this command like to text field which runs the shutdown application on Windows. The 0 at the end determines the time in seconds to wait before starting the shutdown process.

shutdown -s -t 0

shutdown utorrent when download completes

Then you can start the download and go to sleep or go out without having to monitor it regularly. I don’t know if there are other ways to do this but this is simple and gets the job done for me. Then you can seed when you get back on uTorrent. That was easy, wasn’t it? Hope it helps.

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