Samsung Galaxy Nexus Simulator by Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Simulator by Verizon allows users to visually learn how to use the latest device from Samsung with Google Android 4.0.1

Verizon has just launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US Market with Google Android 4.0.1 through its online site. Verizon also has a simulator placed on its site for users to check out some features of the Phone allowing them to see and learn how to use the phone.
samsung galaxy nexus simulator

This is a great as Android 4.0.1 has features that Android users haven’t seen before in any other Android versions which makes it easy for users to check out the simulator to learn to use the device with Android 4.0.1 for the first time.

The Simulator contains a list of operations you can perform on the Galaxy Nexus, The center screen displays a Samsung Galaxy Nexus prototype(doesn’t quite look like it). The right sidebar contains a list of step to complete a task. When you choose a operation to perform on the phone, the simulator displays the visual display of how the action can be performed. Then You can also use your mouse to perform those task.

You can view the Samsung Galaxy Nexus simulator at:-

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