Remove Line Breaks with Notepad++

Remove line breaks on your text or documents with ease with Notepad++ and its extended find and replace feature.

Notepad++ is an amazing text and source code editor makes editing text much easier. And lots of features makes repetitive task done within seconds with macros, extended find and replace, and other simple 1 click options. Here is the trick to remove remove line breaks from a text file in Notepad++ with the Find and Replace Option.

remove line breaks

Here are the steps.

  • First add or open your text to Notepad++.
  • Press “Ctrl+H” to open the Find and Replace Window.
  • Select the “Extended” option on the “Search Mode” on the bottom left of the window.
  • On the “Find What” textbox add “\r ” which means carriage return in c programming.
  • On the “Replace With” add a space or a  comma(,) to make the output clearer.

Get your work done fast with this feature on your huge text files or documents.

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