Raspberry Pi Computer – Computer on A USB stick

Raspberry Pi is a complete computer that will run on a USB stick, run linux distros, office applications, online browsers and more.

This is an really interesting development by David Braben (a game developer) who is developing a computer that you will be able run with a USB stick. It’s not some bootable USB Device but a complete computer system fitted into an USB stick.  It has a HDMI port which you can connect to a TV and then USB port from which you can connect to USB devices needed to run the PC.  The device is set to be distributed by Raspberry Pi Foundation to kids at school to for computer education.

david braben with raspberry pi usb computer

For Operating system its able to use a range of Linux distributions. It will be able to run programming modules, browsers, emails application and variety of office application. It will help children at school become creative and explore variety of possibility.

Here’s the video interview of David Braben with the Raspberry Pi Computer

[youtube pQ7N4rycsy4 500]

For the hardware specification it has a 700MHz ARM11 processor, 128MB of RAM and for graphics it supports OpenGL ES 2.0 which has been confirmed to out 1080p graphics which is amazing for an USB stick. And a SD card slot is used for the storage for the system.

Here are some screens for Raspberry Pi USB Computer
raspberry pi usb computer
raspberry pi in action with ubuntu

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