Torrent Movies often? This program streams Movies as you download

If you download torrents often to watch the latest movies, then you'll love this app that streams the movies as you download them. No waiting till the downloads are done.

Movies are always a great past time. Some go to the theatres, some buy DVD’s and most of us pirate it from online sources. Most trusted form of pirating these movies are torrent site’s that has abundance of all the movies that you want to watch. But that’s all about to change with Popcorn Time. The multi-platform application allows streaming of Torrents as you download them on the background. Which means that you don’t have to wait till the download completes before watching the movie. And as the movie downloads in the background, it is saved to your hard disk if you want to watch it later. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

But be warned, this requires downloading illegal content to your device which might get you in trouble depending on where you live. Use it at your own risk. If you understand what it means, you can download the app for your device from here:

Popcorn Time on Ubuntu

Currently the application is in Beta in multiple platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows and Android. So you will be able to stream your favourite movies from almost all devices except iOS devices.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Movie Preview

The setting on the application are straight forward and allows logging into for scrobbling. You can set up VPN from the settings window, and you can choose to keep the downloaded files after enabling the advanced settings in the Cache folder or they are deleted on next restart.

Popcorn Time Settings

So, if you are a movie enthusiast and can’t wait for movies to download before you can watch them through Torrents. Then this program is a must for you. Also currently the team only lists torrent uploads from a single or handful of Encoders so you can’t choose to watch any torrents just yet.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Again be-ware that nor the app developers or we are not responsible if you get in trouble for using the application.

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