Edit/Delete tags permanently on Shopify

Shopify doesn't have a section to edit tags once you create them. This tutorial will help you edit, modify or delete them completely off your shopify store.

Shopify is a leading international ecommerce infrastructure as a service provider. It allows an individual or a retailer to create an online store to sell products. Shopify provides different levels of subscription with different features packages. One thing Shopify really misses is the tag manager. On WordPress, tags are part of the taxonomy that helps group items together similar to categories. WordPress also provides easy UI to manage them.

If you make a mistake in creating a tag (like messing up the letter case), you cannot change it again. Shopify doesn’t have a straightforward way to change this permanently. You can remove the tags from the products, but they don’t disappear from the Shopify.

Alternatively, If the requirement is to just display tags on the frontend, you can modify theme files and get the results you desire. That is another option you can consider if exporting products are not an option.

In summary, export the list of products in your store. It’s easier if you have a spreadsheet editor. If not, export it in basic “CSV” file format, which are editable with any text editor. They send the file to you on your email for security. Finally, replace the offending tag with something you’re satisfied with or remove the ones you are no longer using.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Navigate to the product section of your store.

2. Find the export option and download the file from your email.

3, Edit the file and make the changes for the tags you want

4. Import the same file back to your store, overwriting the previous records.

And that’s it, youcan now change or remove the tags permanently. This is going to have some stability in your shopify store management process.

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