Optimize and Clean your WordPress database with WP CleanFix

WP CleanFix is a Plugin for WordPress which cleans your database of unnecessary clutters like revisions, unused tags, unused categories, spam and unapproved comments, and database overhead.

WP CleanFix is a Plugin for WordPress which cleans your database of unnecessary clutters like revisions,  unused tags,  unused categories, spam and unapproved comments,  and database overhead. This helps reduce the load on the database, saves your hosting disk space and also help make the site faster.

WP CleanFix -  WP Database Optimization and Cleanup

WP CleanFix is a ajax powered plugin which continuously checks the database for optimization. When a optimization can be implemented or something can be deleted it shows a number of options in your WordPress Sidebar so you can check execute the options you want. Its that easy.
WP CleanFix - WordPress Dashboard

Here are the Options available on the WP CleanFix Dashboard:


  • Tables optimize : Optimizes Table for overheads


  • Users Meta : Lists up Users Meta for deletion


  • Revisions : The revisions you made that WordPress saved
  • Trash : Lists the Posts from the Trash
  • Post Meta : Lists Post Meta
  • Tags : Lists out Tags without posts
  • Posts without author : Lists out Posts without author
  • Pages without author : Lists out Pages without author
  • Attachment without Post : Lists out Attachments without author
  • Post Content : Helps to find and replace keywords in your posts


  • Unused Categories : Lists Unused Terms
  • Unlink Terms : Remove unlinked Categories (terms)
  • Unlink Taxonomy : Remove unlinked Categories Taxonomy


  • Unapproved Comments : Lists Unapproved Comments
  • Comments in Trash : Lists the comments in trash
  • SPAM Comments : Lists Spam Comments

There you have it, the only WordPress Database Optimization and Cleanup plugin you are going to need to keep your wordpress database clean and healthy.

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